Agency Team

John C. Archer - Owner & President
  • With over 40 years at Archer Insurance, John Archer is boss of the year. Every year. He is truly a one of a kind employer. The spirit driving his perpetual involvement in the community spills into our 9-5 here at the office as well, John infuses an incredible dynamic of service into our staff.

Jackie McKenna - CFO
  • Jackie Started at the Archer Insurance Agency in 2004. Her 13+ years have been spent largely behind the scenes at the agency. While rarely seen by our clientele, rest assured she's a significant part of your high quality experience at Archer Insurance.


Neal Hutchins - Commercial Lines Director
  • A near 30 year agent of the Archer Insurance Agency, Neal is an incredible resource for your commercial insurance needs.  His personality is uncommon in insurance, often getting clients into trouble for having too much fun.  

Lou Levesque - Vice President
  • Lou brings 16 years of experience here on Cabot, and extensive outside experience to our Agency.  Lou's ideas on client service and agency operations are both innovative and necessary in our evolving insurance industry.  

Sheri Cashman - Director of Operations
  • In just over 10 years with the agency, Sheri has redefined the word diligence as it relates to customer service.  She is quick, tidy, and maintains relationships with client’ needs like no other.  Steering the ship known as "the floor" she is a key part of the day to day.  

Joseph Murphy - New Client Services
  • A veteran member of the team, Joe is a joy in the front of the house.  His extensive experience in service has translated here to Cabot - amazingly.  On-boarding 90% of Archer's new clientele, Joe's product knowledge and mild tone are an incredible part of the new client experience.  

Eileen Johnson - Archer Operations & Customer Service
  • Almost 20 years of Eileen’s pushing Archer paper has kept the wheels turning here at the agency.  A staple in our office, and in the community, Eileen is a breath of fresh air at 271 Cabot st.  If you received it, she touched it.  

Richard Bertolino - Independent Agent
  • With a focus on outside sales, Richard is yet another experienced member of the Archer team.  Here since, 2004, and with over roughly 25 years in the business, Richard nicely compliments the totality of our Agency’s experience.

Matthew Griffin - Agent
  • Matthew represents the youth of Archer Agency.  In an industry with so much tenure, Matt’s approach integrates new life into our 100 year old business.

Alexa Daigle - Client Services
  • Joining the Archer team in 2015 Alexa is the very definition of customer service.  Friendly, knowledgeable, and always eager to exceed, our clients clients agree, she's incredible.

Derek Bergman - Agent
  • Derek joined our team in 2016 and holds a key role in outside sales. Derek is a great example of the new energy found at our 100 year old office.  

Chris Nolty - Group Insurance Development
  • A financial planner and service master, this even handed agent fell into our lap, instantly improving our agency.  While his focus will be managing the group & benefits side of our agency, Chris will be a key member of the account development for Archer Insurance.

June Conroy - Client Services & Outside Sales
  • June, in her 2nd year at Archer Insurance is an Important member of the agency team.  While spending the majority of her time with the agency on the service floor, June also brings Archer on the road, meeting with families and business owners where it is most convenient for them, bridging the Archer brand to those outside of the Cabot St. neighborhood.